It’s hard to keep up with Mayor of Brighton and Hove Pete West as he flies past on his tandem, off to yet another event, hoping not to catch the mayoral chains in his bike chains.
It put a few peoples noses out when he decided to break with protocol and support 27 different charities, but for small groups like ours to be chosen was a welcome shot in the arm needed in this climate of never ending cut backs and being asked to do a hell of a lot more with a hell of a lot less. Working with so many different organisations has been fantastic although with so many opportunities sometimes a little overwhelming!
Pete popped along to our open day in July and joined us for Christmas dinner. Was the guest of honor at the Run Forest Run fundraiser, has encouraged John O‘Connor to run in the Brighton Half Marathon for us and given us so many other opportunities to raise our profile and our bank balance.
Now this is where you come in.
On 23rd April there is going to be two fundraising Cycle Ride where you can either go for an epic 50 mile cycle ride around the Biosphere boundary starting and finishing at Hove Lawns, or a family friendly 12 mile ride from Hove Lawns to Saltdean and back.
On the 30th April there’s going to be fundraising Health Walk along Brighton’s boundaries starting at Saltdean Lido. So if you looking for some New Years Resolutions these are the perfect opportunities for you to enjoy yourself, keep fit and raise funds for the forest garden. What more could you want?
* Please contact us if you are interested in fundraising for us at these events 
* Help support our work by becoming a Friend of the Forest Garden and making a monthly standing order

No this isn’t the Mayors office but our eco-cabin, which Pete paid a visit to in July


The Mayor with long term volunteer Michael