December 2011

In an amazing short space of time our temporary shed now has a tin roof! Well half of one. Don’t know how much it will protect us from the elements tomorrow at our Christmas party but everyone has been working their butts off to get it sorted. Tomorrow we say thank you to everyone with a three course meal at the garden and plenty of mulled wine. Cheers!


At the end of the winter term we fire up the clay oven and serve up Christmas dinner for pupils that work with us, a few that used to and some of the teachers/teaching assistants. Sticky Fingers Simon with help from some of the pupils dished up chicken, roast potatoes (pink fur apples from the garden – everyone should grow these), kale, parsnips, carrots with a big dollop of gravy. Very quiet round the table as everyone devoured the lot,… Read More »SCHOOL CHRISTMAS LUNCH


The chalk floor on the temporary structure is finished thanks to hard labour and a pounder. The A frame is being built and the support struts will be up soon. The council are going to put up a new fence at the back and to save the council money we are moving along the back line, bashing out old concrete posts, removing tangled fencing, tree stumps, rubbish, old shoes, glass and cow bones. The weather continues to be kind to… Read More »FLATTENING AND BASHING