Open Day Success!

The Open Day – what a glorious day was had by all! We all held our breath setting up for the event as a few drops of rain fell, but all turned out well and it was a beautiful evening. The allotment was alive with families, creative activities, and cooking. For the first time, we were able to include storytelling and walks in the woods for our visitors.

Our volunteers were invaluable throughout the day: setting up, conducting tours and tatting down at the end of the day.
Some of
the children who use the allotment proudly offered tours and helped with the strange selection of creepy crawlies that visited our classroom for the day. Not just regular common or garden bugs – this lot included giant African land snails, scorpions, giant millipedes and even tarantulas. Some of our braver visitors even dared to hold them!

Due South, a prestigious restaurant on Brighton seafront that specialises in using local produce, provided a delicious spread of roasted vegetables and bread throughout the day. All cooked in our clay oven and kept warm through our high tech system of hot embers in a wheelbarrow…

The World Food Project also spiced up the day with a delicious curry that lasted for mere moments. We also sampled Arabic coffee and the children helped themselves to the abundance of ripe berries and currants found around the allotment.

Local arts group Clowd 9 took over the turf sofa area to make
willow butterflies, naturally coloured felt and badges with an environmental theme.

The project was heaving with visitors all day, and everyone seemed to enjoy the vibrancy and variety of activities on offer. The wonderful collective of people from all backgrounds participating showed the strength of this true community project – to overcome racial, age and class barriers.

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