Photography and compost loos

The essential ingredient of what we do is the wide range of people that get to work together. There are not many places where you get such a mix. A while back a rip off consultancy firm got paid a shed load of money in Moulsecoomb to come to the conclusion that a lot of the kids on the estate do not have a wide range of networks to rely on. They could have given us a tenner to find… Read More »Photography and compost loos

First day of spring and long term volunteer and hard working Mark waters the broad beans (covered to stop the mice having a meal)and lettuce that has been overwintering in the polytunnel

We’ve decided once a month to give volunteers some training and today was fruit pruning. Not sure why Zac was put in the fruit cage tho

Why am I doing all the bloody work

Hazel catkins – must be early springOmlettes with garden leeks for lunchAlternative Centre for Education pupils raised beds and looking through the round window in the shed

Christmas Party

Just like last year heavy frost, freezing temperatures and a snow storm wasn’t going to stop our annual Christmas Party.

Summer Holiday Scheme

One consistent (and possibly valid) criticism of our work is that only children who are misbehaving at school are able to take part in our activities. Although anyone can turn up at our workdays, most of the children and young adults that come in their own time are the ones we already work with. To tackle this, four children from Moulsecoomb Primary met with a funder from Novas Scarman to put together a plan for a wilderness project during the… Read More »Summer Holiday Scheme

Visit from Moulsecoomb Primary School

On Friday 26th June, the Year 3s (aged 7 and 8) from Moulsecoomb Primary School came to enjoy a day on the allotment. Simon, our friendly local food fanatic, helped them to make and cook pizzas in our clay oven, while others foraged for fruits amongst the bushes. The day was designed to keep the enthusiasm for all things ‘green’ amongst the children, so they would look forward to joining the environmental group next year and pass on the message… Read More »Visit from Moulsecoomb Primary School