It cost just £7,580 a month to keep the Forest Garden going.

For that we deliver

Two weekly workdays at the garden which over 50 people attend. Everyone gets a tasty, nutritious home-cooked lunch to say thank you for volunteering

Outdoor 1:1 education for pupils struggling at school at the garden as well as :

32 pupils a week at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

30 pupils a week at Moulsecoomb Primary

School trips, visits from other community gardens, students and researchers looking at the benefits of community gardens

We look after Queensdown Woods and Home Farm Field, the railway embankment at Moulsecoomb train station and help with the edible pub garden at the Bevy community pub

Developing knowledge and understanding of the value of wildlife and biodiversity in an important urban green space – as well as creating homes for the wildlife

Over the years we have cut costs to the bone while massively increasing our Friends of the Forest Garden income to over £1000 a month. We generate our own income for our school, other work and hiring out the garden (around 40%), topped up with grant funding (around 40%)

However we still have a monthly shortfall of £1,700 a month (or £20,000 a year)

This is frustrating and stressful, and distracts from our work supporting people.

So please if you can help us with a monthly donation, a one-off donation or a grant tip-off that would be most appreciated.

It’s really easy to donate – just click here (don’t forget to add Gift-Aid if you’re eligible)

Please share with your rich friends, companies, organisations and relatives! Nominate us as your Christmas Charity!

We know everyone’s budgets are tight, but every little really does help. And the newts, slowworms and goldfinches will love you.


Forest Garden team

Come and see what we do with a tour and some lunch any Friday. Just drop us a line.

If you want to see our accounts email info@moulsecoombforestgarden.org