In half term 15 students from City College came along for a pick and cook day. A tour of the gardens and what was growing, they then got to pick broad beans and salad and go and look at our bees. They then set to work rolling out dough with Anna from Harvest

adding toppings for the pizzas fired in our outdoor clay oven. City College Lecturer Grace Rapa told us “I feel I need to say thank you again for such a wonderful couple of hours today, it was just the most perfect way to end the year for our students and seeing children playing and enjoying being in the natural environment was an extra bonus. Some of the students we had with us today never put themselves forward or speak out but that all changed today. Could you say a special thank you to all of your team as well as they were all able to work with our students at their level in a supportive and friendly manner. I hope we can repeat this really special treat next year.”